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Talks // Project

11.15.18 //

Designer and animation director Daniel Savage shares “how does it go?”, a new zine about playing music.

09.20.18 //

Filmmaker Colin Levy presents his NYT Op-Doc My Grandfather’s Memory Book, and the inspiration for making it.

08.23.18 //

Writer Sanjay Nambiar shares his children’s books series The Super Amazing Princess Heroes & A Little Zen for Little Ones.

07.12.18 //

Illustrator Audrey Lee walks through her process and creative drive for a selection of projects, including her work for Get it Girl Collective – a female centric collective.

06.14.18 //

Entrepreneur Melissa Schulman shares her experience opening the first all vegan and organic frozen yogurt store in Los Angeles.

05.17.18 //

Comedian and filmmaker Kiran Deol shares her experience directing the film American Haze for the Sundance channel.

02.27.18 //

Writer / director Matthew Manson shares what he learned about faking it til you make it from his first big commercial project.

12.05.17 //

Women in Film manager of operations Maikiko James shares progress on the WIF Help Line which addresses sexual harassment and gender inequality in Hollywood.

09.26.17 //

Filmmaker James Darling shares “The Quantum Supremacy”, a documentary he is directing about the emerging field of Quantum Computing.

09.12.17 //

Graphic artist Josh Siegel shares “Serving Pride: The Queer History Dinner Party Handbook,” which he is art directing.