About Creative Neighbors

Creative Neighbors meets monthly in and around northeast Los Angeles. Each event features short presentations from local creatives, drinks, and friendly schmoozing.

CN is not a lecture series. While each get together includes some really rad talks, the point of CN is not to sit at the feet of some experts. Because it’s an intimate, casual group, we don’t do formal Q&As – you can walk right up to speakers and get to know them after their talk. We make plenty of time for mingling and hanging out in between each speaker.

CN is not a networking event. CN is about having a chance to really meet other attendees. It is not a place to shove your business card down someone’s throat or to immediately try to suss out if someone is “useful” to you. We’re here to make friends, not contacts.

CN is for everyone. We define creativity broadly. Creativity is about curiosity and innovation, not specific fields or interests. Our events draw people who work in “creative professions” and those who don’t. We try to bring together people of diverse interests and backgrounds to learn a bit and have a good time.

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